Talk Nerdy to Me

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As you wait in lines to get ready for your next comic con event, you can enjoy creating playlists with a theme to get you pumped up for the event. Who doesn’t like a good playlist? Geeks and nerds especially love soundtrack and techno music. No worries about downtime. Just enjoy some tunes. Here are […]

Map of America's Best Medicine Plants

Map of America’s Best Medicinal Plants

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In the early 1900s the United States pharmaceutical industry was wildly different than that of today. The 1930s signified a turning point in the industry, as chemists began to synthesize drugs, like aspirin, more routinely. Before the pharmaceutical industry came into total domination of our medicine cabinets, the Americans still relied upon wild herbal plants […]

Inflammation: The Root of all Evil

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We don’t typically think of illnesses in terms of inflammation, but recent research has shown that an underlying symptom of some ailments can be expressed by inflammation. Inflammation is a natural defense mechanism, the body’s way of protecting itself, that is vital for our survival. However, sometimes when the body is out of balance, inflammation […]

How Much Turmeric Root Should You Take Daily?

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Turmeric is a fantastic anti-inflammatory spice you can consume in your daily diet. Chronic inflammation has been identified in latest medical research as a key symptom of diseases. For us to live a healthier life, we should take turmeric root powder everyday to squash unnecessary inflammation. How much turmeric should you take? The root powder […]

TuneIn free online radio stations

Is There a Free App For Radio Stations?

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Music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora may be how you listen to the music in the future, or now for a lot of young folks, but what about those who still want to listen to their favorite terrestrial radio stations- on a mobile phone, tablet or computer? Can you get AM/FM radio stations streamed […]