Forget the Best Ginkgo Biloba Brand, Buy in Bulk Instead

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Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest species of trees on the planet. Also known as maidenhair tree, it’s considered a living fossil. Capable of growing over 130 feet, it can live over 1,000 thousand years.

In ancient China, ginkgo biloba leaves was first used for its medicinal properties. The most beneficial results of using ginkgo is for memory and cognitive function improvement. When used daily, ginkgo can improve your thinking, and your memory. It may also improve your social behavior as a result of softening your anxiety levels.

Ginkgo extracts and products are readily available on the market as companies try to capitalize on the benefit of this herb. Which brand is the best? We recommend instead of buying encapsulated powder or extracts from popular manufactured brands, you’ll get the best bang for your buck by buying ginkgo leaf powder in the bulk one pound size.

Why? Well, one you save money by buying herbal powder in bulk. Ginkgo leaf powder can easily be mixed into tea or smoothie drinks. It can be combined with other herbs, like Siberian ginseng, for the ultimate brain boosting energy drink. Two, by ingesting the whole ginkgo leaves, you get all the benefits of its vitamins, minerals and trace elements. From a holistic health standpoint, it’s healthier than just using the extract.

Our ginkgo biloba leaf powder is from a trusted Fair Trade Partner source, guaranteeing you a product that’s safe and 100% pure.

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