Best Holistic Remedies for Anxiety

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Anxiety, to some degree, is a normal part of life. Evolutionarily speaking, anxiety is very useful in that it actually prevents us from endangering ourselves. However, in modern civilizations, physical mortal danger is not as prevalent as in the past, therefore most anxiety we face on a daily basis is unnecessary. It would appear that our genetic mutations haven’t caught up with the new norm. Apparent our DNA didn’t get the memo.

In life, whether it’s work or play, it’s about the relationships you have with the people around you. For some individuals, anxiety can disrupt life to the point of disallowing normal actions which can prevent one from getting out to socialize, or even from getting out at all. One can become unnecessarily fearful of doing the simplest tasks, like grocery shopping or getting a cup of tea with friends. If you are one of these individuals you may have the feeling of having lost basic confidence in your abilities, or you may feel unloved around those who care for you, when in fact all the while it’s your anxieties that are holding you back. Imagine living a life without anxiety- there are natural herbal supplements that can help.

Natural herbs have been used for centuries to help holistically alleviate anxiety symptoms. When you take an herbal supplement that brings balance to your body by relieving stress, you will experience a sense of well being, a sense of calm, and lose the sense of unnecessarily living in fear. Yes, challenges may still lie ahead, but you’ll feel more at ease in daily situations, and can overcome previous fears because both your body and mind feel good.

Kava kava

The most effective herb to support a good mood is kava kava. You can buy it online as root powder. Use it in drinks to feel the effects faster and longer. You can make kava tea, a kava smoothie, or add to any packaged tea or fruit smoothie. Your options are endless. Kava is great at relieving your stress.

Valerian root

Another herb that eases your mind is valerian root. The results of taking valerian root, however, are more subtle than those of kava, but slows your mind so that you can unwind, while still maintaining mental sharpness. It’s especially useful for those who have trouble sleeping due to stress and anxiety. There are no side effects and you’ll wake to a refreshed and energized self, without the feeling of being drugged.


A third herb worth mentioning is ashwagandha. It is commonly referred to as Indian ginseng. Studies have shown that the herb reduces cortisol levels up to 26%. If anxieties are attributed to life’s stresses, then Ashwagandha can greatly reduce anxiety by reducing cortisol levels.

Passion flower

Another herb that has long been used for anxiety relief is passion flower. Passion flower may provide you help with anxiety and nervousness by boosting your brain’s GABA levels. GABA lowers your brain’s activity, thus help you to mellow out. A decrease in stress and anxiety levels was seen in one study on people who drank passion flower tea daily.

For best results, take all four herbs together to reap the benefits of their synergistic effects.

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