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Cold water therapy, a good kind of stress


Ever come in from the cold outside and feel amazing upon entering the warmth of your dwelling? Is it just because you’re out of the cold? Is it psychological or physiological?

Well, cold temperature induced stress produces a shock to our bodies. The result of this stress actually does the body good, making our bodies release endorphins. You know, the feel good hormone. Studies have also found that cold temperature activates our immune systems. Our ancestors evolved from animals who did not live in climate controlled temperature settings. We humans have a built-in system that uses the temperature change as a catalyst for health regulation.

This is why you should take advantage of this mechanism and try cold water therapy everyday. Take a cold shower or take a dip in the pool (below 60s Fahrenheit of course). Don’t be afraid. You won’t get sick. In fact, it’s good for you.

Other health benefits include higher white blood cell count, increased testosterone and fertility, healthier skin and hair, increased energy, weight loss, and decreased depression.

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