Free Albums and Singles on Google Play Music

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Since Spotify has put owning albums out of fashion, like 80s hair bands, music streaming services is more popular than ever. But if you insist on keeping your own music collection digitally, then Google Play Music is the best service for you. Google loves to give away free music on their Play Music platform. They make it way too easy for you to build your music collection without spending a dime. The only hard part is for you is finding those free albums and songs when they are offered for free.

Luckily, internet music lovers are here to help. For a permanent list of free albums and tracks, bookmark thread on

Slickdeals members routinely report free finds on the forum so you should also do a weekly search search on the site for Google Play Music deals. The results will yield users reporting the latest free albums and songs, subscription deals and reduced prices. Gotta love these online communities! Making our lives more enjoyable, one link at a time.

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