Inflammation: The Root of all Evil

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We don’t typically think of illnesses in terms of inflammation, but recent research has shown that an underlying symptom of some ailments can be expressed by inflammation. Inflammation is a natural defense mechanism, the body’s way of protecting itself, that is vital for our survival. However, sometimes when the body is out of balance, inflammation isn’t ‘turned off’ in a timely fashion. Thus, chronic inflammation can manifest itself as what we observe as pain, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, migraines, thyroid issues, dental issues, or even cancer.

Imagine living free of chronic inflammation. Holistic healing is the key. We naturally encounter stress and toxicity every day, but if you can balance your body and mind, then you can let your body heal itself naturally. The body’s innate ability to heal is amazing! Reducing inflammation is the central most part of healthy living because it’s effects are easily observable within yourself. Most importantly, you need to eat a healthy diet so your body has access to the proper nutrients to do its magic. Try to adopt a diet consisting of greens, fruits and nuts, while eating carbohydrates and meats in moderation. It takes time and perseverance, but you can do it.

Along with eating a paleo-style diet, try supplementing with herbs and superfoods. Here are 3 powerful foods and herbs that you can take daily that can work together to help reduce inflammation, increase your energy, and promote alertness.


Known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric root is also called the yellow ginger. Mainly used as a powered spice in cooking, it also offers health benefits. Warning- Don’t wear white while using it as the yellow color is very strong and will stain clothes. Turmeric powder has a mild flavor that can easily be integrated into any dish. Be sure to use black pepper and olive oil with it so increase bioavailability and absorption. You can also consume it in your herbal tea or smoothie drink. Better yet, make a golden milk drink. You’ll love it!


Cultivated in the Andes mountains, maca roots can be used as a herbal supplement and superfood because of its nutritional content. Because of its ability to balance hormones in both men and women, it contributes to our health holistically. A few of its uses include increasing stamina, energy, sexual libido, mental focus, and fertility. Maca roots can be purchased in raw powdered form.


Spirulina is a microalgae that is super nutrient rich. Not only does it contain lots of vitamins and minerals, it offers more protein than a flank steak of the same weight. Containing all the essential amino acids we need, spirulina is an excellent source of supplemental food to support your daily health. On top of that, it’s wallet friendly as it goes for less than $1 a pound. You can be take it in pill or powered form. It’s a perfect way for you to get your daily greens.

These natural supplements can be taken daily with no side effects. In order to see improvement in your overall health, plan on using on a daily basis for quite a few months. It takes time for your body to accumulate the proper nutrients to heal itself, but when it does, you’ll feel happier, knowing that you’re working toward living a longer, healthier life.

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