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Getting a good night’s rest is one of the most important aspects of one’s daily well being. While asleep, the body repairs itself so that we can be physically and mentally refreshed and energized the next day. All too many of us have difficulties falling and staying asleep due to the stresses of daily life.

Imagine drifting into a deep, meaningful sleep, easily and quickly, without the side effects of traditional sleep aids. One natural herbal supplement that can be used as a sleep aid is valerian root. Add it to your daily routine and enjoy the restful results.

The valerian plant (Valerian officinalis) is native to Europe and parts of Asia, and is commonly sold as a dietary supplement in North America. Its lacy foliage has a pleasing scent, however its root has a completely different odor which can be described as being akin to that of dirty gym socks. Interestingly enough, that’s the part we use for consumption.

So how does valerian root help someone achieve sleep? In order to answer that, we must touch on one of the underlying reasons for sleeplessness. The inability to fall sleep has many causes, many of which can be entirely mental, rather than physical. How often do you find yourself lying awake at night, with a ‘wired’ mind, wondering why you can’t fall asleep? The longer you try, the more you think about why sleep evades you, and the more miserable you feel. Eventually, not only are you physically tired, but mentally exhausted as well. It becomes a vicious cycle that only serves to waste hours of precious sleep time.

Valerian root relaxes the muscles and nerves for an overall effect of making you feel more at ease. In this more relaxed state, your mind will wonder less, thus enabling you to be able to fall asleep faster. While it doesn’t directly put you to sleep, valerian root acts as the perfect gateway to aid your sleep. The added bonus is that there are no side effects, in that you won’t feel groggy when you wake up the next morning. Now that’s a good feeling!

If you can get past the dirty socks smell (we will have some great valerian root drink recipes for you to try), try some valerian root powder, and you will be on your way to sleeping better in no time! To take advantage of herbal synergies, take it with kava kava or passion flower for extra relaxation support. Sweet dreams…

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